How to crack GATE exam 2024 while working
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Stuck in a hectic office schedule, are you dreaming of cracking GATE exam 2024? Do you want to escalate your dreams? You planned to appear in GATE while working on a part-time or full-time basis. But, you are unable to open your books to prepare for the exam. Don’t worry you are at a right to get the guidance to crack GATE in your job. We share effective preparation tips beneficial for you to manage job and exam preparation.

Things to follow in managing your job with GATE exam preparation

It is not impossible to crack GATE 2024 exam with your job pressure. If you want to ace the exam this year then, make your study plans and work on it to crack GATE.

Analyze the GATE Exam Pattern

Candidates who are appearing in GATE exam 2024 should focus on understanding the syllabus and exam pattern first and then, prepare study plans. You are able to know the types of questions and their frequency of coming in examination. Analyze each and every aspect of GATE exam before starting preparations. 

Collect Relevant Study Material

Collect relevant books and video content for GATE exam 2024 preparation. Candidates can opt to get one single book for a particular subject or multiple books to study for the exam. Select the books based on the time left with you for preparations. 

Plan your Study Time

You have to manage your job and study time simultaneously. So, manage your time accordingly for study. Allocate 2-3 hours of time regularly to do the GATE exam’s subject-wise study. You can devote your time to solving questions on weekends.

Practice solving questions & mock tests

Don’t try to ignore the most important thing of practicing the previous year’s question papers and giving mock tests. The topper advice on GATE exam preparation is to attempt 30 mock tests before the exam to check your preparation levels and track progress. 

List of things to avoid during GATE exam preparation

Some practices you should while preparing for your GATE exam 2024 with managing your job. Prepare your proper routine and try to stay consistent in following it. So that, it can increase your chances to clear GATE with a good rank.

Don’t waste your time

You are already in your job which takes almost the whole day. Vanish the idea of wasting time and involving yourself in such time-pass activities. On the other hand, you can use your travel time in making notes and revising concepts. At home, you can use your time in solving questions.

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Avoid long hours of continuous study

Candidates thinking to do more than 2 hours of study without taking a break can mess up the whole idea. Take 15 to 20 minutes to refresh your mind and start studying for the exam. Try to take a walk to relax your mind so that, you can give your 100% to get a good GATE rank. 

Exam Stress

Mental stress is common in this era managing a job with GATE exam preparation. Giving time to other tasks after a job can health troubles and malfunction negatively affecting the body. Candidates should start meditating and involve themselves in listening to music and going for a walk can reduce thier stress levels. 

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Not making subject-wise short notes

The biggest mistake candidates do avoid preparing subject-wise short notes for the exam. GATE covers a vast syllabus and requires frequent revision to crack it. So, we advise that you should make short notes and tricks. Carry the notes in the office to revise them frequently in your free time. 


Balancing your job with GATE exam preparations looks like an impossible task to achieve. If you are able to manage time and follow your study plan seriously. You can get sureshot success in GATE exam 2024 while dealing with work pressure in the office.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is GATE exam 2024 going to be tough?

IISC Bengaluru will conduct GATE 2024 so, the exam going to be tough. Candidates should focus on strengthening basic concepts and practice maximum questions.

Is 3 hours enough for GATE exam 2024?

Candidates should stay maximum productive in their study then, 3 hours of daily study is enough to crack GATE exam with the job. 

How to crack GATE while doing the job?

GATE aspiring working professionals can manage thier time by studying exam subjects, making short notes and solving questions.

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