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GATE (General Aptitude Test in Engineering) Exam covers maximum numerical-based questions. So, candidates should solve these numerical questions to score well in the exam. Here comes the prominent role of calculators. In many competitive examinations, physical calculators have been used for several years.

 On the other hand, it is essential to understand that a virtual calculator is a boon for candidates appearing in GATE exam. If you are GATE 2024 aspirant then, you need to know that authorities do not allow you to carry physical calculators in exam centers. 

GATE virtual calculator comes into use. The sequence and steps vary to solve numerical questions in a virtual calculator as compared to a scientific calculator. 

For Example: If you enter Cos 30 in the scientific calculator then, you have to enter cos 30 and do calculations accordingly. On the other hand, you use a virtual calculator for calculation and then, enter cos 30’s value to start your calculations on it. You require proper practice to become an expert to use a virtual calculator in GATE examination. 

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How to use GATE Virtual Calculator?

Candidates may face using a virtual calculator on the exam day. So, it is best for them to practice calculating on a virtual calculator before appearing in GATE examination. Here is a list of components to consider for a virtual calculator.

Arithmetic OperationsOperation of  A + B – C x D ÷ E will be computed in virtual calculator as  A + B – C * D / E
Functions4 – log(40) x 10 will be computed as 4 – log(40) * 10
Trigonometric FunctionsTo find sin(30), students have to press  30 first and then enter the ‘sin’ function in the virtual calculator.
ExponentsTo find 10^6, candidates have to press 6 and then key 10x
Cube or Square of a numberTo find 53 solutions, you can press 5, and then x3 similarly for square.
ModulusFind |5|, you need to press 5 first then, the key |x|
ReciprocalTo find  the value of 1/65, candidates need to press 65 first and then 1/x key
Square root or Cube rootTo find √4,  candidates have to press 4 and then key √x

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Features of GATE Exam 2024 Virtual Calculator

Here is a list of features of GATE virtual calculator so that candidates can learn how to use it properly.

  • Candidates who are appearing in GATE examination will be allowed to use a virtual calculator for calculations during the exam.
  • The simple operation keys are available on the right side of the virtual calculator.
  • The keys for scientific calculations are located on the left side of the calculator.
  • Separate keys of the inverse functions are present on the calculator. So, candidates don’t need to click the shift key or INV to use these keys.
  • All the trigonometry functions are grouped together in a virtual calculator.
  • The hyperbolic functions are grouped in a sequence in a virtual calculator provided to candidates in the exam.
  • Candidates will be able to see two display boxes located at the top of a virtual calculator. One of these boxes indicates the keys pressed by the candidate’s reference.
  • The other box shows all actual values obtained after the calculations completed by the candidate.

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Limitations of using GATE Virtual Calculator

Candidates should limitations of GATE virtual calculator so that, they can prepare thier mindset to handle it and do calculations in the exam.

  • You can get an accurate output of upto 14 digits of factorials calculations.
  • Modulus calculations cannot be performed on 15 digits of decimal numbers.
  • You cannot solve cubic and quadratic equations on a virtual calculator.
  • Answers to NAT questions come in decimals format while you do calculations on a virtual calculator then, answers are in a fractional form which is not available.
  • The virtual calculator does not support matrix calculations so, you have to do them manually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a calculator to calculations in GATE exam?

A virtual calculator is provided to you to do numerical calculations in GATE exam.

How to use a virtual calculator in GATE exam 2024?

GATE virtual calculator is specially designed to do calculations in exam. Candidates are advised to download and practice calculations on a virtual calculator before the exam.

Can a virtual calculator save values?

A virtual calculator comes with a lightweight memory to save values entered in calculations.

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