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Millions of aspirants preparing for banking or insurance exams always have such questions once they are selected for a particular job. Some even have this question even before selection.  

Why does such a question arise in the first place? 

Many aspirants prepare for multiple banking exams at the same time. Now, it is true that each banking exam has its own benefits and disadvantages. High reward banking exams are not easy to crack and might take some aspirants more time than needed. But, at the same time, there is no guarantee that one would crack the desired banking exam in the coming attempts. Life is way too unpredictable. So, many aspirants either look for a backup option or just clear other exams as a possible career option.  

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Some aspirants even have a change in their preferences once they start working somewhere. The calling of doing something else in the same field is also possible. The motivation behind doing so can vary. For some, it is about job satisfaction, and for some, it can be about better career growth or simply for a good annual package.  

Now, let’s assume Mr. X cracked the SBI PO examination successfully but that wasn’t his dream job or had a change of mind once he started working at SBI. Mr. X has his eyes on the RBI Garde B examination as well. But for him to prepare for a banking exam is way too different now as he isn’t a regular aspirant anymore. He is now a full-time working professional. Being in such a situation will make you raise different sorts of questions.  

  • Is it feasible to prepare for RBI Grade B once you are working as an SBI PO? 
  • Will RBI or any other bank even consider my eligibility while filing the application? 
  • How will I be able to study when most of my time is spent on my job? 
  • Will my employer grant me special leave for preparation? 

All such questions do pop up in one’s head before commencing for the preparation of other bank exams. The answer to the following questions can be both categorized as positive and negative. Moreover, it’s about your perspective.  

So, can an SBI PO take a study leave during their probation period? 

No. SBI won’t provide you any special leaves for the preparation of any other bank exams. It won’t make any sense for SBI to do so. It’s not as if you will be preparing for any internal SBI-based banking exam.  

The probation period is meant for training cum job experience. The bank further assesses you on your learnings, adaptability, performance, and evaluation of some other key indicators as well. Taking too many leaves isn’t a wise choice. It can reflect poorly on you. Doing so might even lead to the extension of your probation period.  

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So, does this mean I can’t prepare for other exams? 

No. Absolutely not. You can still prepare for other exams and crack other banking exams. You will not be the first one to so as many other working professionals have done the same in the past. Yes, you won’t get any leaves but that shouldn’t stop you from your preparation commitments.  

It’s all about how bad do you want it. If you really want it, you will invest those hours which are required. You will optimize the hours you have once you are done with your working hours and will utilize the weekends to crack the desired exams.  

Can banking working professionals have some advantages when they apply for banking exams? 

Yes. Existing banking processionals can enjoy certain benefits directly or indirectly.  

  • Most banking exams have age relaxations for aspirants who are already working as banking professionals. You might have more extra years than the regular candidates.  
  • As an SBI PO, you already know how to approach such exams and what it takes for someone to crack these exams.  
  • Working for a bank keeps you updated with the current affairs pertaining to the banking and financial world.  
  • The banking experience can help you in excelling at the interviews.  

Looking at things from this perspective can motivate you to pursue other exams. Yes, it is going to be a challenge but, at the same time; you have some key benefits which other aspirants might never have in their journey.  

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It won’t make sense for any banking organization for you to grant any special leaves. However, you can still prepare for other exams without any added pressure. Having the right perspective is the key. Anyway, SBI PO is a very healthy and stable job. It is always there as a backup.  

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SBI PO Prelims Free Mock Test

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