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As all the Banks around the Country have been computerization, Computer Awareness section has become an inevitable part of every Bank Exam. The Computer Knowledge Section in Bank Exams has a good weightage of marks. So, you need to score well in the computer knowledge section to increase your overall score in the Exam. In his article, we are here to supply you with the important topics that can lead you to ultimate success.

SBI_Clerk_Mains Free Mock Test

Basic knowledge in Computer Hardware and software

The basic knowledge in Computer Hardware and software will be tested. Go through the following content to know more about the important topics of this section:

  • Internet
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Microsoft Office
  • Computer Software
  • Networking
  • Basic of Logic Gates
  • Memory
  • Computer Abbreviation
  • Computer Hardware
  • Operating System
  • Computer Fundamentals/ Terminologies
  • Number System
SBI_Clerk_Mains Free Mock Test

Important Topics in Computer Awareness

Given below are 10 important topics you need to explore to counter any Bank Exam.

1. Introduction to Computers

Learn about basic details of the computers starting from the history, generation of computers, characteristics of computers and types of computers.

2. Basic Computer Organization & Data Cycle

Here we will discuss the components that build up the basics of computer organization. This will include the types of memory and memory devices. Input and output devices and peripheral devices. All specifications will be discussed in detail.

3. Operating Systems

Learn about different generations of operating systems and types of Softwares.

4. Computer Languages

Computers needs a language to understand and interpret the commands given by humans. You need to explore how and why it does so.

5. Memory Storage Units

The computer has a memory block which it understands and is like the SI unit system in science. MB, KB, GB, you may have heard, are a few examples of the memory storage units.

6. Microsoft Office

This topic will broadly cover all the subparts of MS office, extensions given to the file and conversion of files into different formats and the change in their extensions.

7. Computer Network

5 components of the computer network, their types, the architecture that is followed, terminologies and the topologies involved, everything will be discussed in detail.

8. Logic gates

Logic gates are mainly implemented using diodes or transistors acting as electronic switches, but can also be constructed using vacuum tubes, electromagnetic relays (relay logic), fluidic logic, pneumatic logic, optics, molecules, or even mechanical elements. Learn more about types and functioning of logic gates will be covered.

9. Database Management System

Every system needs a management system to store the files and folders fed in their memory. Database management system enhances the file handling and storing experience for the users. You need to cover the architecture and glossary used in the DBMS.

10. OSI Model

OSI model stands for Open Systems Interconnecting Model. It helps in the building of a telecommunication model of the system. Cover layers of OSI Model, TCP/IP model, Data Transmission modes and Data Transmission media.

11.) Other Topics

Learn about Network and the Abbreviations and common technical terms. You need to understand and memorize some words and glossaries.

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Some more important topics

Following are some more important topics that you need to cover:

1) Introduction to Computers

  • Characteristics of Computers
  • Types of Computers
  • History of Computers
  • Generation of Computers
  • Fundamentals of Computer

2) Basic Computer Organization & Data processing Cycle

  • Primary Memory
  • Secondary Memory

3) Computer Peripheral

  • Input Devices
  • Output Devices

4) Operating System

  • Layered Structure of Operating System
  • Functions of Operating systems
  • Types of Operating Systems
  • Other Terms related to Operating System

5) Software

  • System Software
  • Application Software

6) Computer Languages

  • Low-Level languages
  • High-Level languages
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Other related terms

7) Database Management System

  • Architecture (Levels of Data Abstraction in DBMS)
  • Keys in DBMS

8) Microsoft Office

9) File Extension

9) Computer Network

10.) Some more topics

Memory Storage Units, Number System, Logic Gates, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint

11.) Computer Network

  • The five components of a computer network:
  • Types of Computer Network
  • Network Architecture
  • Other Terms used in networks
  • Network Topology

12) Open System Interconnection Model (OSI Model)

  • Layers in The OSI Model
  • TCP/IP Model
  • Data Transmission Modes
  • Data Transmission Media
  • Network Devices

13) Some more important topics

  • Internet
  • Computer Hacking
  • List of Computer Abbreviations
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5 Best books for Computer Awareness preparation

Given below is a list of 5 books that you can consider to prepare Computer Awareness:

  1. Lucent’s Computer Book
  2. Objective Computer Awareness by Arihant Publications
  3. Computer Knowledge by Shikha Agarwal
  4. Kiran’s Objective Computer Knowledge & Literacy
  5. Objective Computer Awareness by Somya Ranjan Behera
SBI_Clerk_Mains Free Mock Test

Frequently Asked Questions on Computer Awareness

Q 1. Computer Awareness is included in which major government exams?

Ans. SSC, Bank, Insurance, RRB exams like NABARD Grade A & NABARD Grade B Exam, IBPS RRB Mains-Officer Scale I, and RRB Clerk or Office Assistant, etc. are few of the major competitive exams in which Computer Awareness is included.

Q 2. How to prepare Computer Awareness for the bank exams?

Ans. You need to focus on understanding the concept. Practice computer-based questions. Buy books with practice questions. Solve mock tests and previous year question papers. Computer Awareness questions are very basic and not complex.

Q 4. Which are the common Computer Awareness topics?

Ans. Computer Virus, Internet, Search Engine, MS Windows, MS Office, Input Output Devices, Hardware Software, etc. are the common topics from which questions are asked in Computer Awareness.

Important Articles & Study Material related to Computer Awareness

S. No.Titles
1Computer Awareness/Knowledge- Versions of MS-Windows
2Computer Awareness/Knowledge-Types of Computers
3Computer Awareness/Knowledge-Virus vs Malware
4Computer Awareness/Knowledge-MS Excel vs MS Word
5Computer Awareness/Knowledge-RAM vs ROM
6Computer Awareness-Part 7-Web Browsers
7Computer Awareness-Part 8-Imp. Shortcut Keys
8Computer Awareness-Part 6-Difference between IPv4 and IPv6
9Computer Awareness-Part 5- Notepad vs WordPad
10Computer Awareness Part 5-Computer Networks-Types & Functions
11Computer Awareness Part 5-Difference Between WWW & Internet
12Computer Awareness Part 5-Difference Between Search Engine & Web Browser
13Computer Awareness Part 4-Software & Hardware for All Bank Exam
14Computer Awareness Part 3-History of computers for All Bank Exams
15Computer Awareness Part-2: Imp. Computer Languages for All Bank Exams
16Most Imp. Computer Terms for Bank Exams
17Imp. Computer Topics for All Bank Exams-2021
18Syllabus & Imp. Topics for Computer Knowledge-RRB Clerk Mains 2021
19Score 35 + Marks in Computer Knowledge-RRB PO Mains
20How to Cover Computer Knowledge Section?
21Frequently asked Computer awareness questions

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