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Confused about how to beat the English Language section in the coming Bank Exam? In this article, we will guide you on how to boost your preparation and revision to clear the English Language Section of Bank Exams like IBPS SO/PO/Clerk, SBI, RBI, RRB, NABARD, and other bank exams.

No matter how much study material you have, your English preparation demands time, effort, efficiency, and concentration. The English section can be easier and much more scoring than the Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability if you grasp the basic knowledge of English well. This section appears in the mains phase of most of the Bank Exams.

With good preparation and proper guidance, scoring good marks can be easily made possible!

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English in Bank Exams

English Language Section for most of the Bank exams can be broadly divided into 4 parts as given below.

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Verbal Ability
Reading Comprehension1014
Cloze Test510
Error Detection55
Para Jumbles56

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Changes in Exam Pattern

Though we have been witnessing some changes in the English patterns of some Bank Exams, the basics remain the same. Some Banks include some sections, and some exclude them. Whatever the case may be, but a good understanding of the English language and good vocabulary always guarantees success in solving questions easily based on any new or old pattern.

Let’s take a look at the weightage of different Banking Exams!

RRB Clerk Prelims Free Mock


IBPS Exams (PO, Clerk, SO, RRB Scale I/Asst.)3040-50
SBI Exams (PO, Clerk, SO)3035-40
RBI Exams (Asst., Grade B)3040
Others (NICL, NIACL, BOB, NABARD, Indian bank, Nainital Bank, etc.)3040-50
RRB Clerk Prelims Free Mock

7 Ways to Boost Your English for all Bank Exams

To boost English Language skills, you need to work on polishing the most important bits and parts of grammar along with a strong vocabulary.

The most important topics that you need to work on to beat any bank exam are:

  1. Cloze Test
  2. Para-jumbles/Jumbled Words
  3. Fill in the blanks
  4. Reading Comprehension
  5. Paragraph Completion
  6. Idioms & Phrases
  7. Vocabulary/Word Association
  8. Sentence Completion/Rearrangement of Sentences
  9. Miscellaneous
  10. Multiple Meaning/Antonyms and Synonyms
  11. Error Spotting/Error Detection
  12. Active/Passive Voices

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Given below are 7 ways that act as simple tips and tricks to score good marks in English Section:

1.      Analyse previous years’ questions papers

You must properly analyze the syllabus of the given Bank Exam. Make notes, and note down the weightage of various subjects, so that you can decide the topics to give more attention to while studying. By doing so you will get an idea about the exam pattern and your mind will be ready to understand what it needs to do in less time.

2.      Stick to the time table

After fully understanding which topics need more of your attention while preparing, you can easily plan how to prepare them. This can be done properly via a good timetable. Make a timetable with realistic long-term and short-term goals to timely complete the entire syllabus assigned for the Bank Exam. It makes you more disciplined and helps you in being organized. You may find following the more challenging but don’t forget that it is more fruitful than challenging. Distance yourself from procrastination, and avoid pushing the tasks assigned for today to tomorrow.


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3.      Polish the rules of grammar via Mock Test

Polish up the rules of grammar like:

  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Active and passive voice
  • Reported Speech (Direct and indirect speech)
  • Spellings
  • Tenses
  • Articles
  • Singulars and plural
  • Phrases and idioms
  • Noun and pronoun
  • Preposition
  • Conjunction
  • Conditionals
  • Question tags
  • Adjectives and determiners

Practice a number of examples to learn the application of all the grammatical rules.  This can also be done by reading the newspaper and magazines daily. Practice as many questions as you can on each topic mentioned above.


4.      Fine-tune your Comprehension skills

Fine-tuning your reading skills automatically fine-tunes your comprehension abilities. Reading Comprehension is the most important topic in the English Language section.

You need to read the newspaper articles and editorials regularly to accelerate your reading speed, reading your daily habit.  After reading, try to write the best and shortest summary and check the number of words you have used in it. Try to write it in as minimum words as possible.  This will help you in finding the answers easily from the given passage.

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5.      Do self-evaluation

Only the completion of the syllabus and revision doesn’t alone guarantee success, you must keep analyzing and evaluating yourself for a satisfactory and effective preparation. You need to solve the previous year’s questions and attempt a Mock Test for the Bank exam you are preparing for.

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6.      Stay positive and confident

You must believe in your preparation and skills. Keep learning from the very beginning to avoid any stress and last-minute rush. Always revise and recap all you have learned throughout the day.

7.      Practice & analyse Mock Tests

Mock Tests is that secret that has helped hundreds of toppers across all Bank exams in achieving what they have achieved. Attempt as many Mock Tests as possible and analyze every Mock Test at the end to make any improvements in the next one. It is the best self-help that you can ever get while preparing for the Exam. Be your greatest self-help guru to beat the competitive exam. Pay heed to your weaknesses and strengths and make the Exam strategy accordingly. Always attempt the questions you are good at, and leave the one you have stuck on to revisit it later at the time of the actual Exam.

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Easy Tips to counter various topics of English Section

Here are some tricks that you can apply to solve questions based on topics given below for incredible results:

Spotting Errors

Read the complete sentence carefully and spot the errors of eliminating those questions one by one which you think are completely wrong.

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Cloze Test 

Read the passage carefully, understand the ideas or arguments in it and eliminate the odd one out. You need to practice Cloze test questions regularly in order to succeed in doing it.

Fill in the blanks

In it, your vocabulary power will be judged, so fill in the most appropriate word. Build up your vocabulary arsenal to counter the blanks.


Para Jumbles

In Para Jumbles, you need to read the question carefully from the beginning till the end and try to find out the connecting sentences.

Sentence Correction 

In Sentence Correction, you will have to skim through each all the options and identify the grammatical errors.

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Sentence Completion

In sentence completion, you will have to read all the options carefully and try to identify which option matches the idea or theme of the given passage.



If you can abide by all the rules given above along with maintaining both speed and accuracy, you will improve your overall score on the Exam. But before that, you need to make sure that to give enough time to the section you face the most difficulty in and keep practicing the topics you are strong in.

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