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We hope you are enjoying the series of Editorial Analyses which aims to help you understand the editorials of prominent publications. Today we have come up with the explanation of difficult words/phrases of Hindu’s editorial. Have a look and update your vocabulary & general awareness.

Line of caution: On suspension of cross-LoC trade

The Central government’s decision to suspend (temporarily stop; अस्थायी रूप से बंद करना ) trade across the Line of Control between Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir is bad in conception (theory; सिद्धांत), and comes at a particularly fraught (tense; तनावपूर्ण) time. On April 18, the Ministry of Home Affairs announced the suspension from midnight of trade at the two designated points at Salamabad and Chakan-da-Bagh, citing (stating; हवाला देते हुए) concerns about “illegal weapons, narcotics and fake currency” being transported into India. It is also being argued that the zero-tariff barter arrangement is being violated (flouted; उल्लंघन करना) through under-invoicing (underreporting transactions to avoid taxes; करों से बचने के लिए लेनदेन को कम करना) and the exchange of third party items such as U.S.-origin California almonds. The first is presumably (based on assumption; संभवतः) a way to transfer funds; and the second would be to exploit the zero-tariff trade, something brought up by traders who operate via the Wagah border. The government’s concerns may be well-founded (reasonable; उचित), but the solution to violations of a trade agreement is to enforce the rules stringently (strictly; कठोरता पूर्वक), not stop exchange of goods and put at risk the livelihood of countless (innumerable; अनगिनत) people on both sides of the LoC. At a protest in Srinagar against the trade suspension, for instance, a leader of the cross-LoC traders association argued that they had, in fact, themselves been seeking a “foolproof (that which cannot fail; जो विफल नहीं हो सकता) mechanism” to enforce the terms of the agreement.

The benefits to the local economies from the cross-LoC trade are beyond doubt. It is estimated that since the barter trade commenced (began; शुरू) along two routes across the LoC in October 2008, employment to the order of more than 1.6 lakh days had been created. The volume of trade over the decade has crossed ₹6,000 crore. It must be kept in mind that the trade is mostly of local goods, and those employed, including in the transportation, are from border communities. The opening of cross-LoC trade was among the confidence-building mechanisms that followed the 2003 India-Pakistan ceasefire (an order or signal to stop fighting; लड़ाई रोकने के लिए एक आदेश या संकेत) along the line, and that included a bus service between Srinagar and Muzaffarabad (in PoK). The hope of the mid-2000s that people-to-people contact between those living in J&K and PoK would over time become obstruction-free (free from barriers; बाधाओं से मुक्त) has, for now, faded (decreased; कम होना). But the LoC trade has held, with just the occasional disruption. The current suspension comes in the course of a shrill (aggressive; आक्रामक) election campaign that the ruling BJP is relentlessly (untiringly;बिना किसी रुकावट) pulling towards its hard line (extreme stance;सख्त  रुख ) on subjects such as Article 370 on the special status of J&K. The government has sent unsettling (disturbing;अस्थिर करने वाला) signals by closing the National Highway between Udhampur and Baramulla to civilian traffic for two days a week to secure the movement of troop convoys (vehicles; काफिले). To now summarily suspend LoC trade is to invite suspicion that the step has been taken without careful consideration of the consequences and also for political reasons. The suspension must be urgently revoked (cancelled; रद्द).

We hope the above analysis has made your job of reading the editorial easy. Wishing you all the best for your preparation!

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